Humble Bumble for Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows – One More Day

There is less than one more day for the latest Humble Bundle, and it’s labeled the “Humble Bundle for Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows 3” (or something like that). Remember, this bundle is pay what you want, and you get … Continue reading

Bastion, Angry Birds Space, Botanicula Updated

Three high-profile games that have launched on Mac OS X recently have all received updates, and news of upcoming updates. Angry Birds Space, Bastion, and Botanicula all received bug fixes, with Angry Birds Space receiving new content. These all apply … Continue reading

Leisure Suit Larry Remake Kickstarter Goals Met

Update: Available through Apple: First the Space Quest creators reunited. Now Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards 25th Anniversary Edition (complete with Mac and iPad version) has been funded through Kickstarter. Ahhhh, the 1980s and early … Continue reading