Advertising and Reviews with Mac Gaming

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We Will be Blunt About Traffic
At this point in time (April 2012), we are still moving and consolidating our articles and columns from other websites on, and for the time being the traffic will be light, or it will be focused on our older content. We would like to think that with the redirects and all, the traffic will follow, but it’s been a very tedious process and we are only moving a handful of articles over at a time.

What Kinds of Advertising?
Sorry, we are limiting the scope to Mac-related topics, and specifically Mac games and hardware. In the past, we’ve worked on gaming sites that took just about any advertising, and we just don’t want that. We can make occasional exceptions for software or hardware that we think Mac gamers would be interested in, and it doesn’t hurt to contact us, but don’t be surprised if we turn it down.

Providing Review Copies of Mac Games
We would be more than happy to review your games as long as they are Mac OS X, or related iOS games (that have Mac editions available). Keep in mind that just because you provide a review copy does not obligate us to write a glowing review. If it’s a beta, then we will definitely take that into consideration and mention that in the review.