Writing For MacGaming.net – News and Reviews

First, read our About MacGaming.net page. It should help fill you in on why MacGaming.net was built, and more importantly, it should provide at least a little bit of a lesson on writing for other people. It’s not that we don’t recommend it, just be careful.

The Nature of Writing on the Internet
1. Sometimes sites go under.
2. Sometimes site owners make bad decisions.
3. Sometimes game fans with dreams of becoming writers don’t pay attention to agreements as carefully as they should.
4. Sometimes they pay attention and things still turn out badly.

We have experienced all four of those. We’re not trying to scare you off, we are saying “learn from us”. MacGaming.net is our home, and we will keep it going for many years to come. In a perfect world, we would be hired to write for larger websites and get wide exposure and receive a regular paycheck and benefits, but it’s not a perfect world, so we will make MacGaming.net the best site we can with the resources we have at hand, which is mostly our time.

What Kind of Writing Are We Looking For?
– Mac OS X game reviews
– Mac hardware reviews
– Articles about interesting news in the Mac gaming community
– Commentary about Macs and gaming in general

Can We Pay You?
Here in April of 2012? No. In the future? We hope so, but we can make no promises. We have put quite a bit of money into obtaining and setting up MacGaming.net, and in basically “buying” some of our older content back from the sites that paid us to write it in the first place. The budget is tight for the next few months.

If We Can’t Pay You, Why Write for MacGaming.net?
1. Use it as launchpad of sorts to get noticed by other sites.
2. Even if you have your own site, we are open to the idea of guest writers
3. Write about games you like even if they aren’t the mainstream games.
4. I’m sure there are many other reasons, but it’s very late as I write this.

If you are an astroturfer and we find out, we’ll make it known. We’ve seen it happen on sites we’ve worked with, and even if we weren’t allowed to mention it there, we control MacGaming.net and will definitely make it known here. After everything we’ve experienced, there’s not a lot that upsets us on the internet, but astroturfing really pisses us off.

Please contact us with any questions.