About MacGaming.net

Update: May 2018, please see our Privacy Policy updates.

Scope of MacGaming.net
– News and Reviews about Mac games, both originals and ports
– Interviews with Mac game publishers
– Running certain Windows games under Macs (not Boot Camp)
– News and Reviews of Mac hardware, including rumors
– The occasional iOS iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch games, especially those that have Mac OS X ports

You will not find every single Mac game mentioned or listed on this site. Neither of us has the time to cover something with that kind of scope as this is currently not our full time job, and besides, there are plenty of other sites that are trying to index Mac games as they become available.

What you will find are articles, reviews, announcements, and commentary about Mac games that interest us. That means that a lot of games won’t be mentioned here, but if there is a game that you think we should know about or write about, feel free to contact us. You will also find us reviewing older titles either because they were recently updated, or we finally found the time, or they struck our fancy.

Review Copies – Disclosure
If a developer has provided us with a review copy of a Mac game or related software or hardware, we will disclose that.

History of MacGaming.net (Plus Our Partial History)
We both enjoy playing and writing about Mac games, Mac ports, and occasionally running Windows’ games under Mac OS X (Boo! Hiss! Right?). Writing about Mac games is something we’ve only been formally doing the past few years. Informally, we’ve written plenty going back over 10 years – usenet, internet forums, etc.

MacGaming.net is the result of our decision to move our formal writing to a platform and website that we own and have full control over. It’s a decision we should have made within about a week of our formally starting to write for other websites a few years ago.

What Other Websites Did We Write For?
I would like to answer that question fully, both in order to be upfront with the visitors of MacGaming.net, and in order to build upon what we’ve already written in the past, so that we have what we could loosely term a reputation that extends back a few years.

There are Problems Talking About Our Past Work
Some of those websites are completely defunct, as sometimes happens on the internet. Some are even offline and only accessible through Archive.org. With others, there were payment issues, or rather non-payment issues. We are going to leave some of those issues behind in the hopes of salvaging some of what we’ve written in the past to help build MacGaming.net.

We learned a very valuable lesson.

Our Solution? Migrating to MacGaming.net
MacGaming.net is the result of that lesson that we learned – take charge of our situation, and salvage things the best we can. That means we will be moving content, or salvaging it, from other websites where we can, going back to 2009-2011. In some instances, the owners have allowed us to do this. In other instances where sites are offline or defunct and we can’t get in touch with the owners, we are studying the situation.

We’ve already had a site tell us that we could not bring the work we did for them over, and that’s okay. It was written for their site. We won’t be surprised if other sites do the same.

Older MacGaming.net Stories
One positive thing we did – going back to the fall of 2011, we began writing for our own small blog on WordPress.com that we controlled, with an eye towards setting up our own site. We kind of had a feeling that we should do this. It was mostly about games and stories that interested us, and not necessarily the people we were writing for or with. There were very few visitors to it – we kept it private for a reason. That blog is being shut down and the bulk of the stories from August of 2011 to April of 2012 will be migrated to MacGaming.net. Even if we don’t receive permission to move our older stories from other sites, or we aren’t sure about the defunct sites, we will at least have a core of stories that we wrote on our site to migrate here.

The Migration, it is sooo Slow!
We are having to go slowly when bringing stories over to MacGaming.net In some instances, the older content is from sites that are offline, and we are having to reconstruct it from our original local copies. Also, the work that we did on our WordPress.com blog from August of 2011 – April of 2012 was using a very different theme and format, and so we are having to reformat a lot of the images for MacGaming.net. We are also checking links and updating articles where necessary on all articles (information that has become inaccurate since the story was originally published, etc.).

Recognize Us?
If you recognize any of the stories or the style of writing, great! You found us again! If you arrived here by a 301 redirect, that’s also great as it means that things are working in our migration.

About the guys behind MacGaming.net
While we’ve both been using Macs going back to the 1990s, our gaming days stretch back to our youth in the 1980s (the glorious days of Apple II, Intellivision, and Colecovision!)

We have an incredibly wide variety of gaming and computing experience – Macs, PCs, DOS, numerous consoles stretching from the 1980s until the latest and greatest.

Our real-life jobs are, well…pretty boring. If we weren’t writing for MacGaming.net, we’d probably be arguing on internet gaming forums in our spare time.

Our Favorite Games? In No Particular Order or Year
– Marathon
– The Wing Commander series (but not the movie!)
– Myst
– The Ultima series, including Ultima Online in the early days
– The Elder Scrolls series
– Some of the SimCity games
– At times, World of Warcraft
– Almost any of the LucasArts adventure and flight simulator games
– Almost any of the Siera ‘Quest’ games
– Just about anything by Sid Meier