Rovio’s Angry Birds Follow-Up – Amazing Alex

The follow-up to Rovio’s Angry Birds has been announced, via Finnish website Yle. It’s called “Amazing Alex”, and it’s based on the Casey’s Contraptions games, which Rovio recently purchased, and will be out in two months. Like Angry Birds, it’ll be a puzzle/strategy game, and like Angry Birds, there will probably be a Mac OS X version of Amazing Alex.

The CEO of Rovio acknowledges the pressure: “The quality pressure is high. We want to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy.” He also maintains that it will be educational, and based on building contraptions.

Below you can see the original game/IP (intellectual property) that Amazing Alex will be based upon – Casey’s Contraptions:

The App has since been removed from the iTunes App Store, and the original Casey’s Contraptions Website now redirects to

Link: game informer