Al Lowe is Working on Leisure Suit Larry Remake

Last month, the Leisure Suit Larry remake met its Kickstarter goals for funding. Al Lowe, the original LSL creator, spoke with Gamasutra, and indicated he would be supervising/directing the remake, which will be available for Mac gamers.

The remake of the first LSL game, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, being developed at replay games (in my hometown), is going to try to stay faithful to the original, while bringing it to a much wider audience, and not just on Macs and PCs, but on mobile platforms, including iPads.

That means there will be some changes, according to the Gamasutra article:

“We plan to revise the UI, to make the point-and-click part of the game be very seamless… you’ll be able to move around in the world much more easily,” Lowe says.

And new graphics mean Larry’s world — from the seamy Lefty’s bar to its highrise casino hotel and every sketchy love nest in between — can be both drawn and written in more detail than back in the day.

“The more details we have in the environment, the more chance there is to put in funny lines and entertain you,” says Lowe, a passionate humorist who released a jokes app on iOS back in 2009.

“If a scene is relatively finely detailed, that means there’s a lot more things to look at and do,” he adds.

They also plan on adding more characters, more locations, and even voiceovers.

I’m looking forward to it. We’ve got a pseudo-Space Quest game coming out from the original creators. There’s work being done on the King’s Quest series.

Now we just need the Quest for Glory/Hero’s Quest series to be updated. That and the Police Quest series, although I was never a big fan of those.

Article: Gamasutra