Humble Botanicula Debut – New Content

Botanicula debuted last week, and for those who have, or will be purchasing it through Humble Bundle, you’ll have access to more content, including a digital art and map book for Botanicula.

Added content:
– Behind-the-scenes Botanicula art book & map collection
– Pack of behind-the-scenes photographs & concept art for the feature film Kooky,
– Experimental interactive music project Osada
– Bonus albums from both Floex and DVA, the musicians behind some of Amanita Design’s most evocative soundtracks.

Paying more than the average price? You get more now.
– Additional option of streaming the film Kooky from Redux! (check download page)
– The film is now in extra high-quality.

I’m a huge fan of Humble Bundle as I’ve said in the past – DRM-free, all kinds of freebies or bonus content. Plus you get access to cross-platform versions – both Mac and Windows, and even Linux in some cases.

Link: Humble Bundle