Botanicula Now on App Store, Humble Bundle, GOG

Botanicula was officially made available by Amanita Design today, through Humble Bundle,, and through the – Mac App Store. Amanita Design is behind Machinarium, a critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure game also available for Macs, and bundled with the Humble Bundle. Botanicula is a point-and-click adventure and puzzle game set in a very lush and beautiful environment.

The game follows a group of five friends who are trying to save their tree home. As you move through it, you solve puzzles to move on to other areas. It does not have dialogue, either written or spoken, a feature shared with Machinarium.

Should you buy it through the Humble Bundle, known as the “Humble Botanicula Debut” bundle, not only do you pay what you want to pay, but you receive Machinarium and Samorost 2. Should you pay more than the average of $8.79 US, you also receive Kooky and Windosill. Otherwise it’s $9.99 US through the Mac App Store. Pay more than $5 US and you also receive the Steam key, allowing you to install it through Steam, and keep track of Steam achievements. I believe you also receive Steam keys for the other eligible games. As part of the Humble Bundle deal, you also receive the Windows and Linux versions (should you want them).

The Humble Bundle is available through May 3, 2012, and comes with the soundtrack for Botanicula, Machinarium, and Samorost 2.

Samorost 2 is game from Amanita Design, while Kooky is a full-length stop-motion film and Windosill is a point and click puzzler.

There is an iPad version of Botanicula planned, and iOS (iPhone/iPod touch) versions are being considered.

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– Official Website –
Official Facebook page

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