Steam Client Updated (April 19, 2012)

Last week, Valve updated the Steam client that acts as the portal for Mac gamers to launch and play Valve and 3rd party games. It’s an important update since it adds support for the Community Overlay in Mac games hosted under Wine.

Witcher is the first to be supported – it’s a medieval RPG.

While the release notes are dated April 19, 2012, I received an later update, and my build is listed as:
Built: April 21, 2012, at 22:32:42
Steam API: v012
Steam Package Versions: 1335073444 / 1335073444

I’m going to list it as the April 19th update since that is what the release notes state.

If your Steam client doesn’t automatically update, click the Steam menu after Steam is started, and select “Check for Steam Client Updates”.

Steam Changes – April 19
– Comment Notifications – the inbox icon in the upper-right corner of the Steam client will now notify you when someone has posted a comment on one of your Steam Community items, or when someone else replies to an item you recently commented on. Currently profile, screenshots, videos, recommendations, and workshop items are supported.
– Added initial support for the Community Overlay in Mac games hosted by Wine. Currently validated with The Witcher
– Added support for new retail install disc type
– Added games update error reporting to improve download stability
– Added code to regenerate protected binaries that are approaching expiration when a game is launched.
– Improved http client end of stream handling to fix an intermittent bug with small recvs on Mac OSX.