Two Guys SpaceVenture Kickstarter – 16 Hours

The SpaceVenture Kickstarter from the Two Guys from Andromeda (the Creators of Space Quest) is winding down – they’ve reached their $500,000 mark, and still have 16 hours to go.

Last month I covered some of the pledge levels/Kickstarter rewards, but just know this, $15 gets you plenty:

DRM free version of the game on PC. Also available to download on Mac, Linux, iPad, or Android Tablet. 5 Pack of HD Wallpapers made by Mark Crowe. Access to the project team diaries once the game is released. Generic “thank you” message (with your name copy/pasted in) personally written by The Space Quest Historian.

The Mac and iPad versions are day one releases.

And if you can spend more than $15, the goodies start piling up. So head over to their Kickstarter page and pick a level.