Space Quest Creators’ SpaceVenture Kickstarter

In case you missed it, the official SpaceVenture Kickstarter project page is alive. The Kickstarter project for SpaceVenture, a collaboration between the original Space Quest creators in the same vein as the original Space Quest series, aims to secure enough funding to get the project going. If it succeeds, there will be a Mac version!

It’s only been a few days, and they are already over 20% of the way to their goal, with 32 days left in the campaign.

The game is expected to be available in February of 2013. It will be available for Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, and Android tablets.

The Kickstarter reward tiers are interesting, to say the least. $15 will get a copy of the game.

$15 or more
– DRM free version of the game, including Mac, iPad, and Linux versions
– Pack of 5 HD wallpapers made by Mark Crowe.
– Access to the project team diaries upon game completion
– Thank you message

$30 or more
– Digital Game Soundtrack
– Access to beta tests of the game
– Previous rewards

$60 or more
– PDF of concept art
– Original pictures
– project team information
– Early access to non-spoiler development diaries
– Previous rewards

$100 or more – the PHYSICAL REWARD TIER
– Special thanks in the end-game credits.
– Special Edition Big Sierra-like box edition with a game disc, and a DVD containing all of the diary notes, audio clips, and video clips from the “Bhind the Scenes” making of the game, voice over bloops.
– DOES NOT include digital downloads of the game or soundtrack
– Includes personal thank you note written and signed by The Space Quest Historian

$100 or more – the DIGITAL ONLY REWARD TIER
– Special thanks in the end-game credits.
– 2 Digital downloads of the game
– digital access to all diary notes, audio clips, and video clips from the Behind the Scenes making of the game, voice over bloopers
– Especially for international customers who don’t want to deal with customs

– Same as the PHYSICAL REWARD TIER, but also contains 1 digital download of the game

$150 or more
– Two Guys Spaceventure “backer only” T-shirt
– Access to private chat room discussions with Mark and Scott
– Movie-sized game poster
– Original artwork by Mark Crowde
– Get access to vote on concept art
– All previous reward tiers.
– Official Two Guys from Andromeda postcard with Mark Crowe artwork and Scott Murphy comedy text

$250 or more
– Movie-sized game poster signed by Scott and Mark
– Original artwork by Mark Crowe
– Boxed edition of the game signed by Scott and Mark
– Special “Let’s Play” commentary from Scott and Mark included with boxed DVD
– All previous reward tiers

There are some amazing reward tiers beyond the $250 tier, including being a part of the game itself.

If you want to contribute, head over to the official SpaceVenture Kickstarter page and make a donation.

On a related note, the project has posted information on their website