BioShock 1.1.1 Update

Feral Interactive has updated the classic horror-themed First Person Shooter BioShock to version 1.1.1, with stability improvements and additional game controller support. It should be noted that this is the first update to the Mac App Store version of the FPS since it was released in January of 2011.

The original Mac App Store release was designated BioShock 1.1. There is a patch up on Feral Interactive’s support website for 1.0.1 but I think that was for the original BioShock release back in October of 2009, so these patches look like they are available just for the download versions.

You can update BioShock through Apple’s Mac App Store (BioShock Remastered – Feral Interactive Ltd) if you purchased it through there. I’m not sure on downloads.

It is rated “M” for Mature, for good reason.

I don’t know if the additional controllers are supported in BioShock 2 for Mac which came out last month – it supports over 35 different gamepads. I suspect the support is there in BioShock 2 and they were bringing the original BioShock up-to-date.

Updates in BioShock 1.1.1
– Improves Stability
– Adds support for additional game controllers
– Fixes a number of minor issues

Minimum Mac Requirements
– 1.4GHz Intel Processor
– 1.5 GB RAM/Memory
– 128 MB Video RAM/Memory
– Mac OS X 10.5.8
– 8 GB of Hard Drive Space
– DVD Drive (if Retail/boxed copy)

Recommended Mac Requirements
– 2.4GHz Intel CPU
– 3 GB RAM/Memory
– 512 MB Video RAM
– Mac OS X 10.6

NOT Supported:
– PowerPC (PPC) Processors
– Intel GM Graphics with shared memory

BioShock at (Download) – $25.38
BioShock at (Retail/Boxed) – $45.99
BioShock Remastered – Feral Interactive Ltd – Mac App Store – $19.99 (Download)