BioShock 2 Available – Mac App Store, Amazon

Feral Interactive has released a OS X version of BioShock 2 for download through Apple’s Mac App Store and for $30.99. The horror-themed First Person Shooter (FPS) requires OS X 10.7.2 and rather hefty hardware requirements.

There is also a retail/boxed version of BioShock 2 available through for $34.99

I’ll warn you now – it does deserve its “Mature” rating (17 and older).

2K Games/2K Marin originally released BioShock 2 for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 back in February of 2010. The first BioShock game was released for Mac OS X by Feral Interactive back in October of 2009 and made available through the Mac App Store in January of 2011. I believe it was actually released about a week after the Mac App Store went live. Oddly enough, the original is listed at $29.99. I would have expected it to have dropped to say $19.99 to help bring people into the BioShock franchise.

I’m actually surprised at how relatively quick this was made available for Apple’s desktops and laptops, although the first trailer went up on YouTube back in September of 2011. I’m looking forward to finding the time to download and play it – I enjoyed the first one quite a bit, and was very pleased that games with this much depth are still being made. I’m also a huge fan of the System Shock series from Origin/Looking Glass, of which the BioShock series is considered a “spiritual successor” by some. It does have a multiplayer mode set prior to the events depicted in the first BioShock, which is a new and interesting addition, but I’ll probably pass on that aspect.

Make sure and check the list of video/graphics chipsets NOT supported by BioShock 2 towards the bottom of the article.

Publisher’s Description:

Welcome back to Rapture. Paradise reborn.

Deep within the ruined undersea city of Rapture, your beloved Little Sister, Eleanor, awaits your return. As her Big Daddy, you protected her from a world of insanely selfish adults, now you must shield her again from those who demand that everything must be shared.

Ten years after the events of BioShock, Rapture has fallen under the control of a collectivist cult who plan to transform Eleanor into a genetically-engineered messiah, who will put an end to individuality forever. To save her, you must deploy a unique combination of shooting, role-play and stealth as you rampage through Rapture’s leaking halls to confront her captors.

Minimum System Requirements
– Mac OS X 10.7.2
– Minimum 2GHz Intel Processor
– Minimum 4GB of Memory/RAM
– Requires approximately 10 GB of hard drive space
– Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
– It is rated “M” for Mature – 17 years and older.
– 256MB of Video Memory

Based on my experience with the first game, you’ll probably want to go with the recommended system requirements listed below.

Recommended Requirements:
– 2.4GHz Intel CPU
– 512 MB Video RAM

Video/Graphics Cards NOT SUPPORTED:
– ATI X1xxx series
– ATI HD2xxx series
– NVIDIA 9400
– NVIDIA 7xxx series
– Intel GMA series

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