Chris Roberts Getting Back into Space-Based Games

Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer, and Starlancer fame, looks to be finally getting back into video games, and space-based games at that. Roberts has a new company it appears, and has been working for around a year.

Update: the Wing Commander Combat Information Center has a detailed write-up of the RSI information.

The company/videogame’s website is Roberts Space Industries, and the game may or may not be called Cloud Imperium.

As you can tell from the ticking counter, there’s going to be an announcement in October about our newest research and development project. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are and choose to sign up for the first models off the assembly line.

Until then, the goal of the Roberts Space Industries website is to bring together truly hardcore space simulation fans from around the world to celebrate the genre and remind them what made Wing Commander, Privateer, Starlancer and Freelancer great!

It will offer material from our Chairman’s previous creations: it will tell you about their history, spotlight the fans who have been keeping the faith over the years, let you interact with the RSI team.

It will also give a few hints as to what is coming.

I’m not going to spoil it too much, other than to say that a back story is being laid out for humans and space travel that takes place sometime after 2075. We’ll hopefully find out a lot more on October 10, but in the meantime they are going to be releasing information through

There’s not a lot of information yet on the website, and you need to be logged in (the access code is ’42’) to see any of it. There are some very active forums, a brief biography of Chris Roberts, some information about the site, and the previously mentioned back story.

As for a Mac OS X port, I can’t honestly say that I have any knowledge of a Mac OS X version of whatever they are working on. I just know I loved the Wing Commander series, and liked the Privateer series. I loved the storytelling and the cinematic feel. I’m looking forward to seeing what Roberts does with this.

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