Blizzard is Preparing for Diablo III Launch

We are just a week away from the Diablo III launch, and Blizzard is preparing in several ways. In addition to setting up Midnight Launch Events, they are preparing players and telling them what they need to know, such as regional launch times, BattleTag information, and providing pre-sale download and early install times.

They have prepared a Launch Day Preparation Guide covering many of the questions folks are having.

Login Delays
One thing you should be aware of, is that there may be delays on logging in, depending on many people are trying to get in and Blizzard may add delays in:

As we’ve unlocked the Diablo III installer early, many people will be ready to log in right when the servers go live at midnight, so we’re going to be closely monitoring the impact on the service. It’s possible we’ll need to adjust the rate at which we’re logging people in to ensure a stable experience, and if we do you may see a delay when attempting to login. Please be aware that a delay of up to 40 seconds is possible while the game attempts to connect you. If your connection doesn’t succeed in 40 seconds, you’ll be presented with an Error 37 message and asked to try again. If you see this error it does in fact mean that you should try again.

Those of you who participated in the open beta back in April are familiar with those login delays.

I’m pretty excited about it – I enjoyed the open beta and it seems like a lot of issues I had with Diablo II are not present here, but we’ll see. We’ll be providing full coverage the evening of May 14, 2012 leading up to the launch.