Valve Releases Portal 2 Editor Trailer – On Mac May 8

The trailer for Valve’s next DLC for Portal 2 has been released online. The “Perpetual Testing Initiative” DLC allows players to create and publish Portal 2-based puzzles on the Steam Workshop. It comes with editing tools and will be available for both Macs and PCs on May 8, 2012.

Portal 2 (and its predecessor Portal) are hard games to describe. They are physics-based, puzzle-based FPS games that have you either teleporting between locations or teleporting items between locations in order to solve the puzzles. They are set in the Aperture Science Laboratories, which is a part of the game universe that the Half-Life series are based in. While it has a large single-player portion, there is also a full two-player co-operative mode.

Official Trailer: Portal 2 – Perpetual Testing Initiative at

If you’d like to view the trailer on YouTube, see the bottom of this article.

This is one example of a puzzle created with the editor.

This has been highly anticipated – when Portal 2 launched back in the Summer of 2011, the editing tools were mentioned as being “made available after launch“. A lot of folks are looking forward to being able to create new puzzles and levels and officially (and easily) share them with others).