World of Warcraft Annual Pass 2012 Last Chance

If you are thinking of purchasing the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, and receiving a free copy of Diablo III (Download) as well as a few other things, Monday, April 30, is your last chance. The Arena Pass “Practice Phase” has also started.

Details of the World of Warcraft Annual Pass:
You’ll receive in-game benefits for World of Warcraft, such as “Tyrael’s Charger flying” on all of your characters. Some benefits will be available with Patch 4.3

You will also qualify for a Mists of Pandaria, or at least you did in the past – if you sign up now, you may not receive an invite until the following Wednesday – from what I’m reading, the response is greater than Blizzard anticipated, and the servers have been very full.

You will also receive a digital copy of Diablo III – fully Mac native. Diablo III does not launch until May 15, 2012, however you will be able to pre-download the game prior to that, and it will be playable on May 15, 2012. You will only get a free copy of Diablo III if you purchase the annual pass. If you purchase Diablo III elsewhere, you will not receive a refund or credit.

Note: This is a 12-month commitment and it is a recurring monthly payment.

Arena Pass
I posted about the Arena Pass a few weeks ago, and the first phase, the “Practice Phase” is now open. Any matches during this time will not count, and you can freely move between teams.

World of Warcraft Annual Pass Sign-up (US)
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