Site Update – April 23, 2012

First, check our About page for an extensive idea of who we are and what we are about. Or you can just read the brief summary below!

You are seeing this because we’ve reached a point where we want to open the site up publicly. While there isn’t too much content now, we are starting to migrate older stories over from other websites that we wrote for. As a result, we are going to be very light on reviews for the next month or two, as most of our time will be spent on the migration of older materials.

What is
It’s going to cover just what the name implies – news and reviews of Mac games and Mac hardware, as well as interviews with Mac game publishers, and how-to articles and commentary.

Who are we?
We’ve both formally and informally written for other Mac sites, both gaming, and non-gaming, going back to around 2009, and our gaming experience goes back to the 1980s. In regards to those other sites, we no longer write for those sites for a variety of reasons – some have went defunct (even offline), some had….payment issues (or rather non-payment issues). We are building, and working to salvage and migrate the articles that we wrote on other sites. Some sites have allowed us to after agreements were reached, some have barred us from doing so. We are okay with that, since we were writing for them at the time and we understood that they owned the content.

What you’ll see in the coming weeks and months
You’ll begin seeing numerous articles and reviews that we’ve published on other websites (they’ll be removed from those websites so that they don’t exist in two places) and on a blog (that we controlled) show up here on They will be in the archives – don’t worry, you won’t be seeing stories from 2009 appearing as stories from April 2012.

It’s very time consuming – we are having to reformat images, check the information and links to make sure they are still accurate or to update the internet links for, and handle the coding involved with redirects from other sites. We chose not to automate the process, as we are going through and checking for broken links and upgrading the size of images in our older reviews anyways.

Up through probably May of 2012, our time will not be focused on in-depth reviews – we simply don’t have time as we will be migrating older stories over from other websites. We will try to keep up on Mac gaming news though.

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